Recommended Brokers

There are numerous brokers, certain ones specializing in stocks, others on forex and crypto. Below is a list of brokers that we recommend to our users.


HankoTrade has extremely low fees and costs compared to other Forex brokers. They also have a great support team. They also do a 100% matching bonus for whenever you first deposit. Great choice if you need a Forex broker.


If you are from one of the allowed countries, ByBit is a great choice. They have low fees, big selection of coins to choose from, and they have a lot of bonuses for signing up.

If you are from the United States, Kraken is a great choice. They have a pretty decent selection of coins. The one downside is that they don't offer margin.


Webull has a great user-friendly platform. You also get $34 in FREE stock if you deposit $100 or more.

I've used Charles Schwab before and actually liked it a lot. They have a really great user-friendly trading portal and you can also get level II data for free.

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