How To Install The Indicator on MetaTrader 5 (Mac)

Step 1:

First, purchase the indicator on and sign up for the indicator subscription.

Note: Make sure to re-enter your email correctly during the sign up process

Step 2

As of now, the indicator is only available on Meta Trader. If you do not have Meta Trader 5 Installed, you can do so here. Please note that the indicator will only work with Meta Trader 5, it will NOT work with Meta Trader 4.

Step 3:

Once you have downloaded Meta Trader. Go to the TradingLab Discord. Once in the Discord, go to the channel called "Private-Indicator". This channel will contain the indicator installer. Download that file to your computer. i

Note: You can only install this indicator on ONE computer per purchase.

Step 4:

After downloading the zip file, move it from your downloads folder to your desktop and double click to unzip the folder.

Step 5:

Open MetaTrader 5 and go to "File -> Open Data Folder".

A new window should appear that looks like this:

Step 6:

Click on the folder on the left hand side of the screen that says "My Mac Desktop".

Find the folder you unzipped in step 4 and double-click to open the folder. Once this folder is open it should look similar to this:

Step 7:

Right click and copy the .ex5 indicator file.

Note: To right click on mac inside of this window you may have to use Control+Click or double tap with two fingers on the track pad

Now we need to navigate to the folder "MQL5->Indicators" to paste the file. Below is a gif of the whole process:

Step 8:

Note: At any point in time if you get lost in the folders here, just close out of this window and repeat step 5 to open the data folders again

Now reopen the folder on your desktop and right-click and copy the .dll file. We then need to paste it into the folder "MQL5->Libraries". Below is a gif of the whole process:

After pasting the dll file, close out of this window. Then close out of MetaTrader 5.

Step 9:

Now that you have the indicator files installed on your computer, open MetaTrader 5 and go to "Tools -> Options"

Go to the "Expert Advisors Tab" and check the box that says "Allow DLL Imports"

Step 10:

Close out of the options window and go to the left side of your screen to the "Navigator" window. Expand the "Indicators" icon. Under "Indicators" drag the TradingLab indicator icon to your chart.

Note: If you can't see the navigator window, go to "View->Navigator" and click on this icon to get this window to appear on the left side of your screen

Step 11:

Upon dragging the indicator to your chart, a window will appear. Make sure you check "Allow DLL Imports".

Go to the "Inputs" tab and under "email" double click the grey input box and type in the email that you signed with on

Press OK and now the indicator should be added to your chart.

Congrats, you have successfully installed the indicator! ๐ŸŽ‰

Step 12:

Changing Between Ticker Symbols

If you want to change ticker symbols, make sure to drag the new ticker on the chart with the indicator already on it.

The Correct way to add a new ticker to your chart:

Do NOT do this:

Want your chart to look clean like the one above?

Follow this guide here

If you are having trouble installing the indicator. Feel free to email our support team at or join our discord to create a support ticket they will kindly help you with the installation process..

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