Market Consensus

We added a feature that will directly affect the indicator's buy/sell signals based on the current market sentiment. For example, if you think the market is very bearish this week because of a war breaking out, high inflation rates, bad economic news, etc. You would set the market consensus to "Very bearish". This will directly affect the buy/sell signals of the indicator and give you a larger % of short trades compared to long trades. Making the indicator more accurate for the upcoming bearish pressure.

You can do the same thing with long trades. If there is bullish news, you would set the indicator's market consensus to "very bullish". This would give you more long trades, than short trades.

How To Tell What The Current Market Sentiment Is?

There are plenty of ways you can check to see if the overall market sentiment is bullish or bearish. My favorite way of doing this is by checking FinFiz. They have some great features to tell if the market is overall bearish or bullish. You can use these statistics/data to make the indicator even more accurate!

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