How To Add Stocks & Crypto To Meta Trader

When first setting up Meta Trader you will quickly notice you do not have access to stock and crypto charts. To do this, you just have to connect your broker to MT5 and you'll then have access to those tickers.

Step 1

In order to add crypto or stocks to your ticker list, you'll need to open a new broker or connect your current broker to Meta Trader. Go to the Navigator Tool Menu on the left > Right Click "Accounts" > Open an Account.

Step 2

This will pull up a pop-up window. Type in your current crypto or stock broker and see if MT5 allows it. Meta Trader has a huge selection of popular brokers so yours will probably be there.

Step 3

If you are having trouble finding your broker or do not currently have a broker. You can use "IC Markets" which allows both stocks & crypto. Make sure to click the one labeled "IC Markets (EU) Ltd"

You can set it up directly on MT5 super fast (takes 5 seconds). You don't even have to use them as an "actual" broker. You can just set up a demo account with fake money so you can just see stock/crypto tickers on Meta Trader.

Step 4

Once you have your demo account created, you can go to the tickers in the top left and type in any stock or crypto ticker you desire.

Note: If a specific ticker you're interested in is not showing up, you will have to try a different broker. A simple google search will tell you what brokers have what tickers available.

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