Common Problems

How To Fix The Indicator Now Showing Up On Your Chart

Step 1:

Make sure you signed up on You should have received an email if the sign up process was successful

Step 2:

If you did not sign up using "manage my account" on, then ignore this section.

If you are a returning customer who used our TradingView indicator in the past and you signed up using “manage my account”, please make a ticket in our discord and clearly state you are a returning customer and you signed up using “manage my account”. We will change something in the system to get you up and running.

Step 3:

Indicator gives you a "invalid email" error message. There are multiple reasons for why you are receiving this error.

Fix 1: Don't add the indicator to one chart multiple times

Do not drag the indicator multiple times onto one chart, this will cause issues. Go to Charts->Indicator list

Make sure there is only one "Tradinglab Indicator" here

Avoid this

Fix 2: You are misspelling your email

Go to the "Inputs" tab and under "email" double click the grey input box and type in the email that you signed with on Make sure to type it in correctly.

Fix 3: Make sure you are adding the indicator to your chart properly

If you want to change ticker symbols, make sure to drag the new ticker on the chart with the indicator already on it.

The Correct way to add a new ticker to your chart:

Do NOT do this:

Fix 4: You are on an outdated version of Windows 11

If you are on Windows 10 or Mac, feel free to skip this step.

You may see a "access violation error message" that looks like this:

This error message usually means that you are on Windows 11 that is not version 22621 and above you will need to update your Windows. The indicator will NOT work unless your Windows version is 22621 and above. To check your version type, search for "System Information" in the windows search bar and look for a screen like this

Step 4:

If you signed up correctly on, you followed the instruction guides for mac and windows, you are not mistyping your email, you are adding it to your chart properly, and you are not on an outdated version of Windows 11, then there is most likely going to be an error message that shows up "Experts" Tab in the bottom right of your MetaTrader 5.

If this error message says anything about a ".dll" make sure dll imports are enabled. You can do that by doing the following: open MetaTrader 5 and go to "Tools -> Options"

Go to the "Expert Advisors Tab" and check the box that says "Allow DLL Imports"

Upon dragging the indicator to your chart, a window will appear. Make sure you check "Allow DLL Imports".

Step 5:

If you are still having issues, please join our discord and create a support ticket. For the fastest response time include the following information in the ticket:

  • Your email

  • A screenshot of your windows version by searching for "System Information" in the bottom left of windows

  • A screenshot of "Chart->Indicator List"

  • A screenshot of the email you inputted into the indicator settings. You can find these in “Chart->Indicator list->Properties”

  • A screenshot of your "Experts" tab in the bottom right

Price data not showing up on chart

For some reason, sometimes MT5 will do this:

It's some sort of bug where the candles are all the way on the left side of the screen and you can't scroll through price history. We don't know why this happens but we figured out a fix for it.

Fix: Switch brokers

In the original tutorial, we tell you to make a demo broker account with ICmarkets. For some reason, some users will get this bug above when using ICmarkets. To fix this problem, try switching brokers.

Another easy-to-install broker is called "Pepperstone". You can set up a demo account directly on MT5 very easily. This should fix the problem above.

If for some reason you are still having this issue, try using a VPN. I've heard this will solve the issue as well.

Symbols not showing up

If your chart looks like the above image, here is the fix.

Step 1: Right click your time in the bottom right and select "adjust date and time:

Step 2: Select Language and Region

Step 3: Select Administrative Language Settings

Step 4: Select "change system local" then uncheck "Beta"

Once you have done that, delete the indicator from your chart, restart MT5, then add the indicator again. This should fix the issue.

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