How To Download The Free Indicator

Step 1: Install Meta Trader 5

As of now, the indicator is only available on Meta Trader. If you do not have Meta Trader 5 Installed, you can do so here. Please note that the indicator will only work with Meta Trader 5, it will NOT work with Meta Trader 4.

Step 2: Download The indicator

Step 3: Install the Indicator on Meta Trader 5

Open MT5 --> File --> Open Data Folder

Next Click the "MQL5" Folder --> Indicators --> Then drag the file (TradingLab ABC Indicator) in this folder.

Step 4: Restart Meta Trader 5

Once you have added the indicator to the "indicator" folder, you need to restart Meta Trader 5.

Step 5: Add the Indicator to your chart

You should now have the indicator added to your Meta Trader. To add it to your chart, simply open the Indicators folder on the left, and drag the indicator on your chart.

You're Done!

  • If you would like to clean up your chart, like the one in the GIF and images above. Follow this guide.

  • If you would like to add crypto or stocks to Meta Trader 5, follow this guide.

Enjoy the indicator :)

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