Premium Membership

In the Discord we offer a premium membership where you get access to a bunch of private channels that the normal user does not have access to.

Access Includes

My Personal Trades

One of those channels is my personal trade alerts. Where I go over my entries, stop losses, and take profits. I will alert you whenever I take a trade and will also notify you of important news that's currently happening in the market.

Other Features That Are Included With Premium:

  • FREE Access to my private buy/sell indicator

  • Access to the πŸ§ͺpremium-chat where you can ask questions about your trades

  • Access to my risk management course

  • Access to my fundamental analysis Excel spreadsheet

  • Access to my hot press keywords Excel Spreadsheet

  • You will also receive access to all the Pro member rooms

Sign up

If you're interested in signing up or want to see everything that comes with Premium membership, you can do so here.

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