What is TradingLab?

TradingLab has one goal. To make you a better trader. Whether you are a brand new trader, a trader with little experience, or an expert, TradingLab has the goal of helping you dominate the market.
We create tools to automate traders' technical analysis while simultaneously giving them a leading edge on the market. Traders can access these tools through Meta Trader 5, where the TradingLab Indicator can be applied.
TradingLab hybrid intelligent tools work on every timeframe in Meta Trader. They will also work on any market with sufficient volume (including stocks, forex, crypto, indices, futures, etc)
TradingLab has an entire trading community that can be found in Discord. The TradingLab Discord is a HUB for traders of all markets, trading types, and strategies. Within the TradingLab Discord server, you can talk to other like-minded traders, learn Pro Traders' strategies, follow Pro traders' callouts, and much more.